In Italian Advanced, the students already have a deep knowledge of the Italian language and are already able to handle everyday conversation. In this course we will therefore focus our attention on learning more specific rules and words for those students who want to speak Italian like a native.

Our lessons will be structured as follow: conversation, grammar, cultural lectures.

Grammar: trapassato prossimo, condizionale passato, congiuntivo passato e imperfetto, discorsi indiretti, forma passiva, passato remoto, presente storico, comparativi e superlativi, periodi ipotetici di II e III tipo, gerundio, particelle pronominali, avverbi, costruzioni particolari di uso comune..

At the end of this course students will be able to invite someone to do something together, ask for an opinion, express agreement or disagreement, complain, express different feelings (hope, fear, wishes,..) , put pressure, describe a product in every detail, make plans, explain, make comparisons, tell about another persons life, summarize what another person said, ask and give information, how to be ironic, how to make fun of someone and much more that will help you understand and behave in a correct way according to Italian codes in every situation!

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