Welcome to Bellitalia’s online courses!


My name is Paola Eklund Braconi and I am the creator and main teacher at Bellitalia’s online language courses.

Our goal is to be able to offer online classes at a high level with professional teachers who have being working with language teaching many years. But this is not enough for us!

We want to create a community for all our members where we can not only offer language courses but also a full immersion cultural experience.

Learning a language is not only a matter of grammar and vocabulary – indeed very important – but the learning process must be strictly linked to the deep comprehension of how that particular culture sees and expresses the world around.

During our lessons, therefore, we will provide grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, body language, culture, listening and watching, repeating together, practicing, exercises and much more!

And our starting point will always be the real conversation! We listen, we listen again, we understand and then we talk!

In other words, we will talk the language before we can say how!

Our blog will present interesting points of reflections about idiomatic expressions and cultural curiosities to discuss. You are welcome to send your questions!


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Bellitalia Team

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